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Monika LaraLin

Clinical Research Coordinator

Monika is the newest member of our Peninsula Research team. She currently works on PRA’s phase III trials in the following areas; atopic dermatitis, eosinophilic esophagitis and adult ADHD. She helps maintain a high level of patient care while ensuring our research goals are being met.

Monika earned her bachelor’s degree in BioPsychology from Tufts University. After graduation, she gained experience in venipuncture and injections as a veterinary technician. She also worked in the financial sector as a project manager and managing a start-up. Monika then moved into the pharmaceutical research industry, working for many years for the pharmaceutical company, Theravance. There, she worked primarily in the Drug Metabolism PharmacoKinetics Department, running in-vivo and in-vitro studies for novel compounds. Monika played a key role in this department, facilitating the advancement of many of those novel compounds through pre-clinical research to FDA approval for clinical trials. She brings the combination of her management skills and medical background to help meet PRA’s research goals.

Monika is very excited for the opportunity of working in the clinical research sector. Her current goals are to attain her phlebotomy certification and Clinical Research Coordinator Certification.

Contact Monika at:

Office: 310-265-1623 x228